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The Name & The Aspirations

A Russtic Touch Photography

     The Name, A Russtic Touch Photography began back when I was studying designs in college. Our instructor gave us an assignment to create a unique business name & the question was simple - who was I, artistically?

Instantly, my head was filled with ideas; nature, country, artsy, vintage & being that my last name is Russ - russtic. That moment, the name A Russtic Touch was created.

And noticing the abbreviation was A.R.T., it was a match made in heaven.

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     The Aspirations are simple. A Russtic Touch Photography strives to capture beautiful moments that you and your loved ones will cherish for a lifetime. 

Weddings, especially, are days completely filled with warm & loving emotions. I love the beautiful chaos of a wedding day. Rushing to get final details ready, the, "when did my child grow up" thought from a parent, a bride taking deep breaths to calm her excitement and that final moment when lovers meet eyes on the aisle...Those moments are priceless & we are here to make sure they will never be forgotten.

People are beautiful, moments are stunning & together they can be breathtaking. 

Jessica Russ McKinney

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